Viridix Closes $2.35 million in seed round led by the Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund

Viridix Closes $2.35 million in seed round led by the Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund

Investment will support the scaling of Viridix’s precision irrigation management system.

The Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund, a seed-stage venture fund that invests in Israel’s promising start-up companies, announced today the closing of a $2.35 million seed round in Israel-based startup company, Viridix.  The Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund led the round and was joined by both current and new investors of the company. Viridix has developed a groundbreaking sensor together with a software platform that enables farmers to increase crop yields and save water through precise measurement and actionable insights.

“Viridix brings a unique technology with a solid team of visionary entrepreneurs.  The solution has been very well received in the Israeli, European and Asian markets and we can help accelerate its growth into the US market,” said Gili Elkin, Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund General Partner.  “We are very excited to partner with Viridix and help solve two of the world’s most critical problems around food production and water conservation.”

According to a paper funded by the US Dept of Agriculture, using soil moisture sensors to drive irrigation schedules can result in crop yield increases of 11-26%.  Viridix’s solution provides not only the ability to measure the soil moisture content but also the insight into how to best irrigate the crops for optimal crop yield.

“We are excited about partnering with the Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund which will allow our company to expand our solution to the US market. We have a clear target to become the leading global autonomous irrigation system and partnering with the leading irrigation companies to create it. With such strong backers, our journey towards achieving this goal will gain serious momentum” said Tal Maor, CEO of Viridix.

As the world’s population and the need for water conservation increases, the requirement for solutions such as the one provided by Viridix becomes essential.  Now farmers will have insights into a better way to determine how much water to apply to their crops and when to do so.

Innosphere is a general partner with the Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund and has worked closely with international companies supporting them with customized growth packages.  This assistance is focused on areas necessary to commercialize the product or service in the United States.

Viridix works to enable precision irrigation for any irrigated crop around the world.

Using cutting-edge technologies, Viridix creates sophisticated yet easy-to-use precision irrigation tools to save resources, increase yield and make the most of every drop of water.

For more information on the Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund contact Tim Jones at 970.221.1301. For more information on Viridix, contact CEO Tal Maor at +972.54.2377.666 (


About the Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund:

The Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund is a seed-stage venture capital fund that leads investment rounds in ambitious Israeli entrepreneurs and supports them in accessing markets in the United States. The Fund leverages the expertise of Innosphere, Colorado’s leading technology incubator.  The Fund was formed to commercialize cutting edge technologies from Israel in Colorado creating high-quality jobs.


About Viridx

I-Dripper, an agritech startup has created Viridix, a precision irrigation decision support system powered by Root Sense soil moisture sensors.  Farmers are able to make decisions driven by gathering data at multiple locations in the field and accessing insights through the cloud.



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