Innosphere Ventures and Colorado State University Announce the 2023 Cohort of the REACH Energy Accelerator


Fort Collins– Innosphere Ventures and Colorado State University (CSU) announce the fourteen startup and scaleup companies that have been selected to join the 2023 REACH (Regional Energy Accelerator for Commercializing Hard-Tech) incubator program.

The REACH Energy Accelerator provides hard tech-based consulting, prototyping, testing, techno-economic analysis support, market research, and other business support services to startup companies located throughout mid-America. Teams receive 12 months of support at no cost. The REACH Energy Accelerator is a grant-funded program through the Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) which serves as the central hub for the technology transfer activities across the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) extensive R&D enterprise. REACH is further supported through  Breakthrough Energy’s Fellows Ecosystem Grant Awards and is powered by the CSU Energy Institute, Innosphere Ventures, the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory, and 20 university partners and referring institutions.

The 2023 REACH cohort includes: Blaze Energy Technologies LLC, Spark Ionx, PlantMadeWorks, Inc., New Iridium Inc, HyET NoCarbon USA Inc., KineticCore Solutions LLC, Fuel The World, Avivid Water Technology, Hawk Spider Energy Corp (HSEC), Flow Aluminium, Accessible Atomization, New American Fabric, LLC, AlvMat.LLC, AL-POWER, INC.

The 2023 REACH cohort includes representation from the following universities: Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado, University of New Mexico, Texas Tech, Colorado State University, and the University of Oklahoma.

“The Rocky Mountains Great Plains region is a hub for cutting-edge research and innovation in the energy sector. With renowned research universities and DOE National Labs, as well as a plethora of entrepreneurial talent, the 15-state region is a prime location for hardtech startups. However, despite these assets, there is a lack of unified support for early-stage founders emerging from the regional,” said Mike Freeman, Innosphere Ventures CEO. “That is where Innosphere can play a key part.”

The 14 companies accepted into the 2023 REACH Energy Accelerator Cohort include:


Al-Power’s goal is to provide clean hydrogen fuel and healthy alternative plant-based products utilizing green algae as a production source.

Louisiana | Dr. Svetlana Oard, CEO | LinkedIn


Hawk Spider Energy Corp. (HSEC)

Hawk Spider builds modular, long-duration energy storage systems for power producers and large electricity consumers.
New Mexico | Matt Higgins, CEO |


Spark Ionx

Spark Ionx develops ion exchange membranes for electrolyzers, fuel cells, flow batteries, and electrodialysis.

Colorado | Sean Daniel,Founder & CEO |


Avivid Water Technology

Avivid Water Technology is a sustainable water treatment company that reclaims water for reuse or release from heavily contaminated industrial wastewater with its patented technologies.

Colorado | Lockett Wood, PhD, CEO |


Accessible Atomization

Providing access to in-house atomization capabilities at an affordable cost with no facility modifications.

Idaho | Joshua Zelina, CEO | LinkedIn


Blaze Energy Technologies

Unlocking the benefits of ammonia for de-carbonization of heavy industry and commercial transport

Colorado | Colin Wolden, Founder |


New Iridium

Decarbonizing the chemical industry using light-driven photocatalysis technology

Colorado | Brent Cutcliffe, Co-Founder & CEO  |


HyET NoCarbon USA

Providing decentralized disruptive hydrogen supply solutions and carbon dioxide conversion by using catalytic membrane reactors

Colorado | Ellart de Wit, CEO |


KineticCore Solutions (KCS)

 KCS offers an evolutionary leap forward in non-chemical energy storage, creating a deployable, cost-competitive alternative to stationary Li-ion battery systems for commercial and industrial applications


Colorado | Dr. James Clegern, CEO |



We are improving the indoor living environment & air quality, using advanced material technology in a sustainable and energy-efficient way.

Texas | Dr. Wei Li, CEO & Shakil Ahmad Shimul, CO-CEO | LinkedIn


PlantMadeWorks, Inc.

PlantMadeWorks, Inc. is a Biotechnology/Synthetic Biology company developing sustainable technologies for Climate Change and Fresh Water.

Colorado | June Medford, PhD, Founder & CEO |


Fuel the World

Designing modular and electrified systems for wastewater treatment and resource recovery.

Colorado | Reza Nazemi, PhD, Founder |


Flow Aluminium

Providing low-cost energy storage systems for electric vehicles and microgrids.

New Mexico |  Shuya Wei, Founder


New American Fabric

Creating Antimicrobial textiles using Organic Fibers.

Texas | Nicholas Bergfeld, MD MPP, CSO |



About the REACH Energy Accelerator:
The REACH Energy Accelerator (REACH) is led by energy experts and driven by collaboration through Colorado State University and Innosphere Ventures. REACH is the premier energy accelerator for commercializing hardtech innovations and supports energy hardtech startups, entrepreneurs, university faculty, and founders with hardtech-based consulting, prototyping, testing, technoeconomic analysis support, market research, and other business support services. Visit to learn more.

About Innosphere Ventures:
Innosphere Ventures accelerates the success of founders building technology and science-based companies through its incubation programs, office and specialized wet laboratory facilities, and venture capital funds. Innosphere’s incubation program supports the commercialization efforts of entrepreneurs, technical founders and university researchers who are launching and scaling high-tech startups. Innosphere is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been supporting startups for 24 years.

About Breakthrough Energy:
Breakthrough Energy is a network of programs and initiatives focused on accelerating the innovation needed to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Working at the intersection of innovation, markets, and policy, BE brings together leaders across sectors to develop and scale the next generation of climate technologies. As part of this comprehensive approach, the Breakthrough Energy Fellows (BE Fellows) program finds and supports the best and brightest individuals and teams across the globe working to develop, scale, and commercialize emerging climate technologies. The BE Fellows Ecosystem Grant Awards advance Breakthrough Energy’s work by supporting a community of organizations that are fostering climatetech innovators and providing funding to help them further their overall climate missions.