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Who is SAGE?

SAGE Advisors

How does SAGE work?

What kind of startups does SAGE work with?

Social and Advisory Group for Entrepreneurs (SAGE) is a program specifically designed to provide early stage startups with advisory and mentoring assistance as they prepare themselves to become a sustainable business.  The successful program is made up of highly experienced advisors who are dedicated to helping startups refine business strategies, go-to-market plans and product definitions.

SAGE provides early-stage companies with advisory and mentoring assistance as they prepare themselves to become sustainable businesses. SAGE advisors typically have deep industry, application or functional knowledge that helps to round out the experience of the entrepreneur and their team.

SAGE advisors are asked to be available for at least 12 months, attend one-third of the monthly meetings, and contribute 48 hours of pro-bono service per team engagement.

A complete description of the SAGE advisor roles, responsibilities and expectations can be found in this document.

SAGE is a team-based multi-disciplinary approach for assisting startups gain traction.  Each month, a promising company will give a presentation to SAGE advisors.  Following the presentation, the group provides real time feedback to the presenter, after which an advisory team is created to provide the presenting company with additional advice on an ongoing basis over the next 6 to 12 months.

SAGE targets early stage startups who use technology to innovate in their business model.  Startups come from many sources including universities, community meetups, and the classical garage or basement.  Startups referred to the program are often Innosphere clients or potential clients.  Entrepreneurs do not have to be working on their business full time and are not restricted to Venture Capital companies.  “Bootstrappers” are welcome.  Upon exiting SAGE, startups typically move on to incubators such as the Innosphere or seek Angel funding to move to the next startup stage.

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Information for existing SAGE advisors!

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