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REACH Energy Accelerator Application Deadline: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Science & Tech Commercialization Accelerator Application Deadline: Friday, January 14th, 2022

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Companies in the program are supported by a dedicated client success manager that rolls up their sleeves to work hands-on with company founders and CEOs on business milestones. We provide connections to former C-level executives, industry-specific advisors, corporate partners and investors. If you’re ready to accelerate the success of your high-tech company, please submit an application to Innosphere’s commercialization and incubation program, and start getting the support your company deserves!

Important Dates & Deadlines

REACH Energy Accelerator Application Deadline: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Science & Tech Commercialization Accelerator Application Deadline: Friday, January 14th, 2022

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REACH Energy Accelerator

(Regional Energy Accelerator for Commercializing Hard-Tech)

The REACH Energy Accelerator is launching! The program support entrepreneurs, founders, faculty, and teams across the U.S. who are building and launching energy innovations. The program begins on January 18th, 2022 and the application deadline is December 1, 2021.

The REACH Energy Accelerator will:

  • Support energy hardtech innovation across a region of 12 states.
  • Support the success of 10 energy hard-tech startups/entrepreneurs/founders per year for 2 years (20 in total).
  • Be of no cost to startups/teams because each team’s fee to participate in the accelerator is covered by DOE funding.
  • Provide participants with hardtech-based consulting, prototyping, testing, techno-economic analysis support, market research, and more.
  • Work with our 23 partnering institutions/organization across 12 states to cross-fertilize ideas and best-practices as we work together to build additional energy hardtech innovation capacity across our region.

We look forward to seeing your application and working with entrepreneurs over the next year to ensure we’re supporting the energy innovation happening across the Rockies and Plains of America.

Your experience begins with an exclusive program focused on:

🤝  Gaining Customers and Operational Excellence

💸  Raising and Accessing Capital, and Fundraising Education

🔐  Exit Strategies and Executing on a Successful Exit

🚀  Connections to experienced advisors, subject matter experts, early hires, corporate partners

📈  Building Talent Teams and Retaining Best Talent

💻  Researching your target market

💡  Providing you with a dedicated client manager to support you

We’re a unique business model.

Innosphere does not take equity in companies, as we are fee-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If you’re an entrepreneur launching, building or scaling a startup company into a high-growth business – you’ve come to the right place! Our program supports founders and CEOs who are building science and tech-based companies by teaching valuable skills on how to access capital, acquire customers, build talented teams, accelerate top line revenue, execute on a successful exit, and so much more.

Receiving exceptional business support is a critical factor that can determine if a startup will be able to make progress in a tough economy, which is exactly why our program is specifically designed to provide science and technology companies with the needed mentorship to survive the economic fallout of COVID-19 while receiving exceptional business support.

The SAGE Program for Startups

Social and Advisory Group for Entrepreneurs (SAGE) is a program specifically designed to provide early stage startups with advisory and mentoring assistance as they prepare themselves to become a sustainable business.  The successful program is made up of highly experienced advisors who are dedicated to helping startups refine business strategies, go-to-market plans and product definitions.

Interested in presenting your company to our SAGE Advisor Group?

SAGE Advisors help early-stage companies with mentoring assistance by giving 48 hours of pro-bono service to each selected company.

Send an email to: and/or or click below:

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Should your company join Innosphere’s program?

Don’t just take it from us — listen to Jamie Haggard, CEO of medical device company, Green Sun Medical, talk about his company’s experience with Innosphere’s program!


In the last few years, Innosphere Client Companies have collectively achieved the following metrics.

Capital Raised
Revenue Generated
Colorado Jobs Created
Graduated Companies

Innosphere Ventures

We work hard to make sure our companies are ready to scale and ready to raise their first or next round of funding!

The first part of our exclusive incubation program focuses on developing a personalized plan around the key focus areas of: Raising Capital; Financial and Exit Planning; Talent Acquisition; Operational Excellence; Growth Strategies and Business Development.

“Innosphere’s program has helped us define our goals and identify how to best tighten our focus on executing our plan. Their guidance continually helps us take a more purposeful and strategic approach to accelerating our growth.” — Jeff Grobaski, CEO Epic River.

Companies entering the incubation program are supported by not only their Innosphere liaisons, but also work with former C-level executives, experienced staff, and industry-specific advisors.

Startup Perks

Client Companies receive discounted offerings from these great providers!

Innosphere continually adds discounted services for clients, so this list is not always comprehensive.

Why Innosphere is the program that science & tech companies join to grow faster:

Technology Validation

Entrepreneur Education

Service Providers

Advisor Network

Pilot/Test and Demonstration

Identify, scope, and execute pilot projects shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs to extract meaningful data and return on investment metrics.

Access to Capital

Customized fundraising support through our investor network of angel investors, family offices, and venture capital.

Corporate Relationships

Introductions to strategic corporate partners for purposes of sponsored research, investment, acquisition, or industry insight.

Product Market Fit 

Iterate your product based on customer feedback. Understand who is requesting the feedback, understand your market segments and make trade-offs between short-term satisfaction and long-term revenue growth.

Hiring and Culture

Many hats in early-stage startups will shift to more specialization in sales, marketing, ops, finance, etc. Also specialization in markets, design for manufacturing, serviceability versus getting the product right for the early adopters.

Cost-Effective Business Processes

Focus your creativity on areas your business differentiates. Find and use standard, efficient business processes such as Quickbooks for accounting, payroll, benefits, sales funnel management, cloud storage, email, etc


As your team expands, managers with coaching experience become a new, important resource. Communication of goals, status updates to goals, and mid-course corrections become an important role requiring management skills and focus.


‘Invented here’ as a default to solve any problem changes to leveraging partnerships to help you scale. Understanding your core values and differentiation helps you decide where to partner and where not to.


Equity can be supplemented by various financing options, such as lines of credit, asset financing, etc.

Meet the Client Companies

Everyday great news comes from our entrepreneurs — new technologies, new hires, new customers, and new investment.  Our client companies and graduate companies would tell you it’s an amazing ecosystem of innovation to be a part of, and that Innosphere is an extremely valuable part of their growth and overall success.