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Just Released: 2023 Colorado Venture Capital Review

Innosphere Ventures partnered with PitchBook to take a closer look at regional VC trends in 2021 & 2022 that reveal challenges for up-and-coming innovation hotspots such as Colorado and Utah — states that closed out another year of significant startup financing activity, even in the face of unprecedented disruption. These states are on course to smash records for VC investment as the year unfolds; however, regional VC trends reveal that challenges still remain for emerging innovation hotspots. To lead in this environment, these states must address the historic imbalance in capital concentration on the coasts to fuel new ventures that create jobs and the future economy.

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Last year’s Venture Capital Reports:

Nebraska Venture Capital Review

Not only did Nebraska end 2020 with venture capital deals significantly outpacing 2019 in annual deal value, but the state is also on course to beat that annual deal value as 2021 unfolds. The data suggests that Nebraska has built a healthy seed-stage investment ecosystem, as the state’s local investors do a remarkable job backing seed-stage and series A deals. However, when it comes to later-stage investments, it’s the cross-state investors that are commanding total deal value.

Arkansas Venture Capital Review

The Arkansas report indicates an increasing amount of capital is concentrated within large VC funds, and fewer emerging funds have been capitalized in recent years, with 2020 being a low spot since the great recession. This declining number of small VC funds is problematic because they are essential in leading investment rounds. However, this report shows that the Arkansas startup ecosystem has shown impressive growth and consistency moving into the new decade.

Kansas Venture Capital Review

After partnering with PitchBook to produce the “Colorado Venture Capital Ecosystem Review,” Innosphere decided to publish similar reports on all of the states in which Innosphere has strong partnerships with around supporting entrepreneurship. These Venture Capital Ecosystem Reviews cover investment trends shaping the venture capital ecosystems in states located in the Mid-America Mountain Plains region.

Download a copy of the Nebraska Venture Capital Ecosystem Review:

Download a copy of the Arkansas VC Report:

Download a copy of the Kansas VC Report:

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