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Innosphere Ventures is a science and technology incubator that accelerates business success of startups and emerging growth companies with an exclusive commercialization program, specialized office and laboratory facilities, and a seed stage venture capital fund.

The commercialization program focuses on ensuring companies are investor-ready, connecting founders with experienced advisors and early hires, making introductions to corporate partners, exit planning, and accelerating top line revenue growth. This is accomplished through efficient, personalized growth strategies that streamline each entrepreneur’s path to success.

Our Mission

Innosphere has been supporting startups for over 22 years and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a strong mission to create jobs and grow Colorado’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Innosphere creates long-term, regional economic impact by offering our clients access to a broad network of specialized resources.

We support motivated entrepreneurs in many B2B industries, including but not limited to:
◉ Bioscience, Medical Device, MedTech
◉ Energy, Advanced Materials, Cleantech
◉ Enterprise Software, Hardware, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence


Mike Freeman – Chief Executive Officer

Aziza Syed – Director of Real Estate and Facilities

Scott Sampl – Chief Operating Officer

Emily Wilson – Director of Communications

Bill Dieterich – SAGE Program Director

Susan Strong – SAGE Program Director


Ben Walker – Client Manager

Joanna (Joey) Money – Client Manager

Tom Fuhr – Client Manager

Mark Gorham – Client Manager

Timothy Jones – Client Manager & CorporateLink Director


Mike Freeman, Innosphere Fund GP

Mike Freeman – Innosphere Fund GP

John Smith – Innosphere Fund II

Mark Newhouse, Innosphere Fund

Mark Newhouse – General Partner

Student Research Associates and University Ambassadors:

Innosphere’s Research Associates and Graduate Student Ambassadors work directly with Innosphere staff and advisors to ensure our client companies are receiving quality research around their competitor strengths, market sizing, merger and acquisition activity, target market, investor deal history, and valuation bracketing.

We’re looking for students who want to become Innosphere Research Associates!
For more information and to apply, please contact Tim Jones.

Clayton Castro – Research Associate

Elizabeth Stienike – Research Associate

Suhaas Narayanan – Research Associate

Teagan Janssen – Research Associate

Jack DeWolf – Associate

Megan McCarthy – Marketing Associate

Mike Freeman, Innosphere Fund GP

Yusef Farah – CSU Ventures Ambassador

Mike Freeman, Innosphere Fund GP

Catherine (Kate) McMahon – CSU Ventures Ambassador

Mike Freeman, Innosphere Fund GP

Melissa Schenkel – CSU Ventures Ambassador

Mike Freeman, Innosphere Fund GP

Darby Gilfillan – Research Associate


Innosphere is an impact organization, accelerating entrepreneurship and job creation.
In the last few years, Innosphere Client Companies have collectively achieved the following metrics.

Capital Raised
Revenue Generated
Colorado Jobs Created
Graduated Companies


  • Commercialization and Incubation Program

  • Venture Capital Fund

  • Office & Lab Facilities


As you know better than anyone, receiving exceptional business support is a critical factor that can determine if a startup will be able to make progress in a tough economy. That’s exactly why this upcoming commercialization program is specifically designed to provide science and technology companies with the needed mentorship to survive the economic fallout of COVID-19 while continuing to gain customers, raise capital, and connect with experienced advisors and corporate partners.

After joining the cohort with aligned companies, your experience begins with a commercialization program that focuses on:
🤝 Gaining Customers
💸 Raising Capital, Exit Strategies, and Fundraising Education
🚀 Connecting founders with experienced advisors, early hires, and corporate partners
📈 Building and Retaining the Best Talent
💡 Operational Excellence
💻 Researching your target market
💬 Providing you with a dedicated client manager and a diverse team to support you
✏️ Connections to subject matter experts and experienced advisors

Innosphere has unique programming to support emerging growth companies. Companies in the Scaleup Program typically have annual revenue of at least $500,000 and a desire to have an annual growth rate of 100% or more for the next 3 – 5 years.


Susan Peterson Sturm
Innosphere Executive Committee/Board Member
Digital Energy Leader | Product Management | Cyber Security

DuWayne Peterson
Board Member
Innosphere Ventures Angel-in-Residence

John Leonard
Innosphere Executive Committee/Board Member
Fairfield & Woods, P.C.

Brian Zimbelman
Innosphere Executive Committee/Board Member
Crawley Ventures

Josh Birks
Innosphere Board Member and Northern Colorado Subcommittee Chair
City of Fort Collins, Economic Health Office

Kevin Cudney
Board Member
Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber and Schreck

William Vaughan
Board Member
Colorado School of Mines, TTO Director

Jim McGibney
Board Member
Estes Park EDC

Andrea Perdomo
Innosphere Executive Committee/Board Member
Network Catalyst – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy & Programs at Techstars
Latina Entrepreneur | Strategist | Activist | Passionate about social impact

Frank Gray
President & CEO
Castle Rock Economic Development Corporation
Marcus Notheisen, Vice President, Castle Rock EDC

Dr. Alan Rudolph
Vice President for Research
Colorado State University

Todd Headley
Innosphere Executive Committee/Board Member
Colorado State University Ventures

Drew Mattox
Board Member
Plante Moran

Chris Christopher 
Board Member
Innosphere, SAGE

Jennifer Pinsonneault
Innosphere Executive Committee/Board Member
Senior Program Manager, City of Boulder
Yvette Bowden, Director of Community Vitality – City of Boulder

Tom Brook
CFO/COO, Denver South Economic Development Partnership

Brian Robinson
Innosphere Executive Committee/Board Member
Wealth Advisor

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