Partnering on Innovation

Innosphere’s deep industry connections and network is made possible by our University Partner Program, Community Partners including the NoCoBio Cluster, the Preferred Partner Program, and CorporateLink.

University Partner Program:

We work directly with the Technology Transfer Offices at leading research universities across a multi-state region to connect inventors with business drivers, facilitate introductions to corporate partners, advance technologies to commercialization, and turn startups into high-growth businesses.

Innosphere Ventures has strong partnerships with our region’s flagship research universities and their technology transfer offices to support their ongoing innovation efforts and economic development work. Innosphere works with the technology transfer offices at:

The University Partners program provides Innosphere’s commercialization program with high-quality deal flow and opportunities to work with innovative programs run by the leading research universities across the entire Rocky Mountain Great Plains region.

The Preferred Partner Program:

Innosphere maintains close working relationships with a limited number of Preferred Service Providers. Our Preferred Providers have successful track records of working with startups through development and growth challenges, and they all have a long-standing commitment to support the innovation and startup ecosystem.

Our Preferred Partners offer customized pricing plans and advisement for Innosphere Client Companies, and also participate in our community-facing entrepreneurial education sessions. The Preferred Partner Program is designed for organizations who provide high-value services to entrepreneurs, and who are seeking a long-term, exclusive engagement with Innosphere Ventures and our extended network.

The CorporateLink Program:

The CorporateLink Program is for forward-thinking industry leaders who want to keep pace with technology and sustain market leadership with open innovation strategies. This program strategically connects technology companies with corporate participants to advance technologies to commercialization.

In the program, Innosphere works directly with industry-leading companies to identify technology needs that align with their corporate goals and commercialization strategies. Innosphere’s team researches the marketplace for qualified companies and technologies, then identifies companies through our world-wide relationships, accelerator programs, and technology supply chains. Throughout the entire program, we provide business support to the early-stage technologies and companies, which provides the corporate participant with an efficient and low-cost open innovation support program.

“The penetration and adoption of new technologies by product companies and customers is faster than ever before, creating an increasingly competitive landscape. We see open innovation programs as essential for success in most industrial and consumer markets.” – Tim Jones, Innosphere CorporateLink Director.

CorporateLink program offers one of the highest value programs for corporations who are in pursuit of next generation technologies to support their market positioning.

Community Partners:

There are numerous ways for community partners to engage as a program or event sponsor. We have a multi-decade history of supporting successful technology startups that enhance our local economy through job creation and entrepreneurship. In turn, our community partners significantly contribute to help grow the innovation ecosystem and support our region’s economic development efforts. Our community partners range from the cities of Fort Collins, Denver, and Boulder, to regional and national banks.

Bioscience Partners:

Along with our partners, we nurture ideas and build bioscience business.

Academic, Industry, and Community Partnerships fueling research and innovation in Northern Colorado and beyond.