Funding, Venture Capital, and the Innosphere Fund

The Innosphere Fund
(Fund I and II)

Colorado’s Seed-Stage Venture Capital Fund

Accelerating the path to a successful exit
The Innosphere Fund is a seed-stage venture capital fund. Formed to accelerate the growth and exit of Innosphere’s client companies, the Fund seeks to lead seed-stage investment rounds in companies with motivated founders that are likely to achieve a near-term exit through a corporate acquisition.

Leading Seed Investment Rounds
The Innosphere Fund has a unique approach to investing. We are active managers, and therefore maintain a limited number of portfolio companies. With our proprietary deal flow, we are p
ositioned to invest in the best high-tech companies in Colorado and the entire Rocky Mountain Great Plains Region. We are focused on early exits and take board seats with the companies in which we invest to ensure active and ongoing support.

The Innosphere Fund has invested across 6 portfolio companies:

Acquisition Success Story:

Portfolio Companies:

Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund (ICI Fund)

Investing in ambitious Israeli entrepreneurs and supporting them in the U.S. market

Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund (ICI Fund) is a seed-stage venture capital fund which invests in ambitious Israeli entrepreneurs and helps them gain access to the U.S. market through Innosphere. The ICI Fund supports portfolio companies with business development and invests in startups in the industries of water, energy, and transportation.

Read more about the Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund on their website:

ICI Fund Website