— CytoPherx Acquires Immunocept, Changes Name, and Expands its Blood Filtration Platform Capabilities —
Innosphere client company, Immunocept Medical Products, has met their graduation goal of achieving a successful acquisition! 

The company Immunocept was acquired by CytoPher, and the acquisition will ensure a synergistic approach to branding, manufacturing and customer call points. “We’re excited that this merger enables the immediate launch of Immunocept’s FDA-cleared blood filter, creating revenues and early brand recognition for the family of products to solve several real-world problems,” said CytoPherx CEO, Charles J. Fisher, Jr., MD.Immunocept Medical Products is based in Denver, CO, and recently received FDA-Clearance to market its CLR 2.0 blood filter for use in patients with acute kidney injury, pulmonary edema and/or congestive heart failure.

The acquisition further strengthens the CytoPherx technology, known as the Selective Cytopheric Device (SCD), developed to treat very ill patients with acute kidney injury and multiple organ failures. Both the Immunocept and the CytoPherx blood filters are designed to fit onto standard, hospital ICU-based CRRT equipment, either independently or together, for improved patient benefit. Additionally, both devices will be deployed in hospital ICUs (pediatric and adult) by the same physicians for the same patients.

“Coming together strengthens IP protection with the combined patent portfolios,” said Chris Jaynes, Chief Commercialization Officer of SeaStar Medical and former CEO of Immunocept. “Combined there are 62 issued and pending US patents covering nearly everything that can be done with hollow fiber membranes in the acute inflammation and multi-organ failure therapeutic space. Our technologies greatly improve efficiencies and lower costs of manufacturing.”

About CytoPherx (Soon Rebranding to SeaStar Medical)
Based in San Diego, CA with laboratories in Ann Arbor, MI, the newly merged company will rebrand itself “SeaStar Medical,” paying tribute to a unique local creature that has regenerative, anti-inflammatory and cancer tumor killing properties. CytoPherx, Inc. is a medical device company offering a proprietary selective cytopheresis sytem for inflammation-based diseases and conditions. SeaStar Medical will create a focused path forward for both short-term and long-term strategic developmental success.

For more information about this merger, please contact Chris Jaynes, Chief Commercialization Officer, at (303) 550-9989, or [email protected].