A game-changing, automated solution for anyone to manage their online accounts and digital life

Aspen Digital Life, a provider of an automated technology platform to streamline digital life & digital legacy management, today announced the launch of Aspen Digital Life Manager™. This tool is an easy-to-use, online account and digital legacy management solution that finds, organizes and helps users to manage their online lives—or those of a loved one lost—in a matter of minutes. Introductory pricing is $19 allowing a consumer to scan up to three computers.

Aspen Digital Life is an Innosphere Client Company.

Available for the PC and Mac to trace and manage online activity, Aspen Digital Life Manager features a FREE initial scan with a summary of the number of digital footprints found. Depending on the depth of information found, consumers can choose to purchase the full product from within the application.

“We are delighted to launch Aspen Digital Life Manager, a tool for anyone interested in finding, understanding and managing their digital life in minutes,” said Tim Colleran, Aspen Digital Life’s Founder and CEO. “Most of us conduct significant personal business online but don’t actively manage our digital lives. As a result, many of us have nearly 100 accounts that are infrequently or never used. Each one represents a risk of data breach or identity theft.”  There were over 1200 publicly reported data breaches and more than 466 million records exposed to hackers in 2018.

With Aspen Digital Life Manager, people can scan their computer and gain insights into current and historical online activities. “In 15 minutes, you can download the tool, install it and have a report that identifies and categorizes up to 90% of critical online services. Usually we can tell a consumer how many times the site has been visited, if it has been logged into and the date of the last visit,” said Colleran. “The end result is a categorized report to manage a person’s digital life and legacy.”

Aspen Digital Life Manager takes the time, energy and pain out of managing digital lives. A manual approach to discovering and prioritizing online accounts can take 10-20 hours and will be much less thorough. “Finding and managing your own digital life is time consuming and frustrating,” said Colleran. “Now imagine having to do it manually for a lost loved one, during a most difficult time.”

Tom Maxwell, CEO of Maxwell Healthcare Associates said: “At a time in life that’s already hard enough, any tool that can make end-of-life a little easier for patients and their families, is a solution that’s necessary. Aspen Digital Life is helping families sort through their loved ones’ online footprint before it’s too late. It’s a thoughtful and proactive step to estate planning.”

Aspen Digital Life Manager offers a quick, safe, and private way to help people be prepared for future events or get through life’s more difficult events. Initial customer uses include the following:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia care
  • Hospice or palliative care
  • Estate and financial planning

“I have worked with hospices frequently during my 25 years in post-acute care technology, but I never understood what families go through until my wife passed away,” said Tim Rowan, Home Care Technology Report Editor. “If we had had this tool then, it would have saved my children and me hours of pouring through credit card statements and emails.”

Our “Donate to Download” support of non-profits
The Aspen Digital Life team have all be touched by terminal illness, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other life changing events. The result is our Donate to Download program. Simply make a donation to one of our favored nonprofits for a free, three-month version of the product. You can learn more at Aspendigitallife.com/ADL-cares/.

About Aspen Digital Life:
Aspen Digital Life provides the first-ever automated digital legacy management platform for individuals, families, financial planners, estate planners and other partners to find, catalog and manage a person’s digital footprints in life and through death. Owned and operated by Janika Systems, Inc., the company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please visit www.aspendigitallife.com

Download Aspen Digital Life Manager today.