As a remaining finalist of the Build Back Better Regional Challenge (BBBRC), Innosphere Ventures is excited to be showcasing the many projects (8 in total) that you’ll find within our Colorado Coalition’s grant proposal to the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

The Powerhouse Climate Solutions Campus aims to be the first regional integrated research and commercialization center that’s exclusively dedicated to developing climate solutions.

Our entire proposal is about supercharging Colorado’s R&D-intensive industries to make our state a globally leading innovation cluster, and this CSU project is specifically about developing solutions that enable attainment of climate goals on a global scale, while engaging locally to help build a culture of innovation that is inclusive and equitable.

If you missed our Innovation After Hours event at the end of June, below is a recap of the common questions that Bryan Willson, executive director of the CSU Energy Institute, answered for our attendees:

Q: What will the Powerhouse Climate Solutions Campus look like??
A: See images 1 & 2!

Q: How many square feet?
A: See image 3!

Q: What research and commercialization will happen here?
A: Hydrogen systems, medium- and heavy duty electric and hydrogen trucks, low-carbon manufacturing, soil carbon solutions, sensors for low-carbon agriculture, power electronics, low carbon building materials, methane measurements, advanced desalination and water treatment, low carbon technologies, and more.

Q: Why now, Why Northern Colorado?
A: The U.S. has proposed goals for a 50% reduction of emissions in less than 10 years, complete decarbonization of the electric power sector within 15 years, and achieving a zero carbon goal for the entire country in less than 30 years. While this is one of humanity’s most daunting technical and societal challenges, it also represents a massive opportunity that Fort Collins is well-positioned to contribute to and benefit from.