Companies pivot in order to focus their products on COVID relief.

While there’s reason for any founder and CEO to be concerned, we’ve seen our Innosphere client companies face these times with resiliency and leadership. In some cases, our client companies have recently raised funds and are focused on product development, while others are pivoting in order to focus their products on COVID relief.

A few examples of Innosphere companies providing COVID-response solutions to their clients include:

  1. ResourceX, a company providing powerful analytic tools to implement priority based budgeting using data to transparently improve results for citizens and communities, is providing financial forecasting tools to their clients as scenario planning becomes more important than ever for local governments. They are now offering three free months of their Fiscal Health Scenario Planning + Forecasting Tool, plus training for their current clients. Many communities have already taken advantage of the ResourceX support package to quickly get their fiscal data loaded and financial team trained on how to efficiently model different fiscal forecasts and scenarios. More information on ResourceX helping with COVID response here.
  2. Incident Response Technologies (IRT): During a public health emergency, IRT’s Rhodium software allows first responders to monitor the status of hospitals, quarantine centers, and other facilities. The location and assignments of responders can be managed, and the platform allows them to plan and coordinate their response using the standardized FEMA ICS forms. Agencies around the Country are using Rhodium in response to COVID-19. University of Arkansas utilized the solution to coordinate the return of 100 students from Italy. More information on IRT helping with COVID response here.
  3. Epic River: ProSign Online, powered by Epic River, the simple, secure, and compliant eSignature solution developed for financial institutions, is proud to announce financial institutions now have the ability to embed SBA applications on their websites as well as facilitate SBA-compliant loan closings. More information on Epic River helping with COVID Response here.
  4. Connecting folks who need counseling with therapists – Mark highlighted that CARES allows out of state therapists to help folks in NY and Calif…
  5. Blue Eye Soft: BlueEyeSoft has developed an innovative COVID-19 diagnostic using data from radiology scans. The BlueEyeSoft program detects COVID-19 in seconds with 96% accuracy from a CT scan. More information on Blue Eye Soft response to COVID here.
  6. Double Helix: Provides better 3D imaging to scientists and researchers developing vaccines. To aid research in the fight against COVID-19, Double Helix Optics is offering help at no cost. If their 3D imaging / tracking technology can make a difference to someone working on COVID-19, they have a great team of imaging experts who can provide support. More information on Double Helix response to COVID here.
  7. DiningTek is also a Colorado-based tech startup which helps independent businesses thrive in the dining and hospitality industries. DiningTek helps their customers grow through simple online ordering, personalized ordering APP, and proven marketing strategies that enhance online presence. And today, they are helping restaurants handle the surge in deliveries vs. in-restaurant dining. More information on DiningTek response to COVID here.

About Innosphere Ventures:
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