Equity 101 and Cap Table Essentials for Founders

StartUp FoCo is officially here and we’re thrilled to bring you this presentation from Jeff Erickson of Carta

By the end of this panel, you will learn: what investors are looking for when they ask to see your cap table.

  1. What is the difference between common and preferred shares in your company?
  2. Why should you give equity to your employees?
  3. How do stock options work?
  4. What is a cap table and why is it important?
  5. How much equity should I give to employees and investors?
  6. What is a SAFE? Convertible Note?

These are all questions that have to do with a company’s cap table. As a founder, it is essential to understand the basics of how your cap table works and how it is impacted with each round of funding.

Presenter: Jeff Erickson, Director of Business Development at Carta, the leading provider of company valuations & cap table management services.


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