Funded in Colorado episode featuring Dave Korsunsky, founder & CEO of Heads Up Health

In this Funded in Colorado episode, Innosphere’s CEO Mike Freeman sits down with David (Dave) Korsunsky, Founder and CEO of Heads Up Health, a leading digital healthcare analytics company with a software platform that instantly compiles and organizes a complete medical history.

Heads Up Health recently closed a $1.35M seed round that was led by Innosphere Ventures.

After Innosphere saw the Heads Up platform, we knew the company was perfectly positioned to lead the digital health analytics transformation and implement precision medicine with their world-class user interface and tools for patients and practitioners.

The Heads Up platform will play a major part in new care delivery models, including personalized predictive and preventive solutions for individual’s health.
Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO/GP

The combination of a growing focus on health analytics and regulatory changes, including new reimbursement codes for remote patient monitoring, are key trends driving the need for Heads Up’s solution.

“It’s no secret that healthcare is undergoing massive technological and regulatory change, and our team is dedicated to building the best health platform that puts the power of data at your fingertips, so that individuals and healthcare professionals can better optimize health.  Heads Up is the only platform that empowers you with full control over all your health data.” – Dave Korsunsky, founder & CEO, Heads Up

Innosphere’s Funded in Colorado Series showcases success stories of companies that recently closed a funding round or just completed a successful acquisition. In these 15 minute completely unedited interviews, founders open up about their lessons learned on attracting and raising capital, provide advice to other entrepreneurs, and explain what worked (and what didn’t!) in hopes of helping more companies close financing rounds.

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