Job Title: Senior Research and Compliance Administrator

Location: Hybrid or Fully Remote.
While a hybrid position is preferred; fully remote remains an option for this individual. A hybrid position would include 2-3 office days in Fort Collins, CO weekly. The region of service for this organization covers two states, Colorado and Wyoming, with any potential travel along the Colorado/Wyoming Front Range.

Job Type: Full-Time

Background and Description of Unit

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) recently established the first-ever NSF Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines), awarding 10 teams spanning 18 states. The CO-WY Engine is one of the awardees of this historic program, led by Innosphere Ventures, aiming to advance the region’s research and commercialization efforts focused on sensing, monitoring and predictive analytic technologies for climate resiliency spanning methane emissions, soil carbon capture, earth sensing, water scarcity, wildfires and extreme weather.

NSF Engines Teams that demonstrate progress toward well-defined milestones could potentially receive up to $160 million each from NSF over 10 years, as they seek to catalyze the NSF funding to draw additional investments into the overall region.

Position Summary

The CO-WY Engine Senior Research and Compliance Administrator and Project Manager (SRA) is responsible for ensuring compliance with Innosphere Ventures, State, Federal, and Sponsor requirements, and the interpretation and application of government/sponsor guidelines and policies. The SRA analyzes and negotiates terms of any contractual arrangements between Innosphere Ventures and outside entities to ensure they are technically, legally, and financially satisfactory for approval by Innosphere. Gather critical award data and brief leadership on compliance obligations. Provide overall project management and oversight of the full range of research administration and regulatory compliance for the NSF CO-WY Engine award, ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of the cooperative agreement, from award acceptance to project close-out.


Interpretation, Guidance, Financial Compliance – 10%

Assist in the development of policies and procedures related to the conduct of CO-WY Engine sponsored activities. Design special procedures as necessary to achieve compliance with individual sponsor/program requirements. Communicate potential problems to PIs, Co-PIs, and other stakeholders; work out solution strategies with CO-WY Engines leadership. Provide guidance, assistance, and instruction on the proper application and adaptation of Federal and State rules and regulations. Develop solutions to emerging issues. Evaluate policies and procedures to address specific circumstances of the sponsor and/or program.

Regulatory Compliance – 15%

Ensures policies, processes and documentation in place for all areas of regulatory compliance including but not limited to: Effort Reporting, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Conflict of Interest, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (FFATA), Scientific Misconduct, Human Subjects protections, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Institutional Review Board (IRB), International Collaborations, Export Controls, Data Security, Open Data, etc.

Document Management and Annual Audit Oversight – 10%

Responsible for pulling all annual audit documentation related to outgoing subawards. Aid in special situations by compiling and analyzing complex data, researching applicable laws and regulations, and making recommendations.

Subaward Contracting, Monitoring, Risk Analysis, Invoice Processing, and Overall Management – 35%

The SRA provides guidance regarding all aspects of the proper application and/or adaptation of standards, principles, and other guidelines regarding the issuance and management of outgoing subaward activities. The SRA will provide guidance, direction, and instruction, and will be part of the responsive and professional team within Innosphere Ventures in the preparation, negotiation and management of outgoing subawards, subcontracts, and their respective amendments issued to Subrecipients under prime federal or non-federal grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts.

Analyze and approve all outgoing subawards and subcontracts using Federal regulations and requirements, prime award terms, and CO-WY Engine policies. Review and analyze requests for new outgoing subawards and modifications of existing subawards. Evaluate the request to ensure all necessary compliance requirements are met, appropriate risk assessment is performed, and the subaward is appropriate to issue. Draft outgoing subaward/subcontract agreements and amendments. Negotiation of subaward terms and conditions. Document the status of agreement issuance in the internal systems of record through the life cycle of the drafting process, negotiation, and final execution. Performs subrecipient risk assessments as needed and has the overall responsibility for ensuring risk assessment processes are followed.


The SRA works closely within the team to provide analysis of costs provided by subrecipients to ensure mitigation of risk and complete compliance with federal guidelines, including OMB Uniform Guidance, Federal Acquisition Regulations, and Agency specific regulations, as well as pertinent State of Colorado requirements regarding procurement. This position provides ongoing management of all subrecipient accounts.


Specific Financial Review and Approval of Subrecipient Financial Documents

  • Review invoices and financial material for sufficiency of funds, accuracy, and compliance, and initiate necessary corrective actions if needed. Identify potential problems; collaborate with administrator to resolve issues. Approve/disapprove invoices after reviewing financial records for sufficiency of funds, proposed spending, and compliance with prime awards.
  • Develop mechanisms, processes, and procedures for audit of high-risk items of cost on subaward projects (e.g., time and effort, cost transfers, travel, equipment purchases), to ensure compliance with sponsor guidelines and Uniform Guidance requirements of 2 CFR 200.
  • Communicate and apply professional interpretations of accounting policies, rules, and regulations to ascertain a range of potential options and associated risks, and present resulting options to subrecipient in a clear manner to promote understanding and subsequent, appropriate and informed actions.
  • Determine appropriateness and allowability of current and/or proposed activities providing direction and insight on policies and regulations that may apply.
  • Work with subrecipient financial contacts to correct and resolve problematic transactions.
  • Track and report Cost Share and Participant Support. Ensure dollars are captured and match agreements.
  • Follow up with Principal Investigators when approvals for invoices are delayed. Ensure invoices are paid within the timeframe as required by Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 200.
  • Work with Accounts Payable to ensure timely payment of invoices to subrecipient.
  • Ensure timely close out by tracking end dates of subawards and ensuring all information is captured and completed.

Purchase Order Authority – 10%

  • Apply State and Federal accounting standards and principles to determine the accuracy, completeness and conformance of subrecipient invoices.
  • Communicate and apply professional interpretations of accounting policies, rules and regulations to a variety of external and internal constituents, including international entities, federal partners, industry partners, foundations, and campus research administrators and principal investigators.
  • Manage the review and approval/disapproval of created requisitions for risk and financial viability, ensuring accuracy of information matching subrecipient agreements.
  • Amend purchase orders as necessary to encumber/disencumber to reflect changes in subaward agreements and payments.
  • Assemble data and report analysis of information related to subrecipient accounts to PI.
  • Alert CO-WY Engine leadership of potential risks, particularly those involving international subrecipients and domestic start-up companies.

Financial Tracking and Reporting
– 10%

  • Provide overall financial oversight on all CO-WY Engine accounts.
  • Provide regular financial reports, working with Innosphere Accounting, including cost sharing accounts, program income, indirect cost reimbursements, and others as appropriate.
  • Ensure FFATA reporting compliance.

Job Duty Category Special Projects – 10%

  • Assist project team as needed with risk analysis and reporting.
  • Maintaining accurate records including updating required annual documents to support all aspects of the CO-WY Engine.
  • Other duties as assigned.




Application Process:

  • Submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected].
  • If you have experience in managing any or all aspects of an NSF cooperative agreement, please address that in your cover letter.
  • Please use this subject line: “Application: Senior Research and Compliance Administrator”


Application Deadline:

Full consideration date: Monday, April 8th by 8:00pm Mountain Time.

After this date, the position is open until filled.


Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary range: $85,000 – $125,000
  • 401K plan with employer matching options
  • Insurance options (medical, dental, vision, life)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) options
  • Short-term and long-term disability coverage


About the Colorado—Wyoming Climate Resilience Engine (CO-WY Engine):

Led by Innosphere Ventures and funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), the CO-WY Engine is a collaborative initiative focused on driving innovation in climate resiliency and sustainability across the Colorado-Wyoming region. The CO-WY Engine brings together a diverse network of partners to develop and commercialize technologies that address critical environmental challenges, foster economic growth and enhance community well-being. Visit for more information.