Rhodium used for Hurricane Florence Planning, Response, and Recovery

South Carolina – State and local agencies in South Carolina used the Rhodium Incident Management Suite before, during and after Hurricane Florence made landfall in September 2018. The cloud-based incident management platform allowed agencies to manage response both locally and along the entire coast where hundreds of crews and resources were deployed.

The benefits of Rhodium were first realized while the storm was still gathering strength offshore. Emergency management teams had already used Rhodium to create hurricane pre-plans, which were then adjusted within the software platform as the hurricane’s course shifted. Rhodium’s mapping interface was particularly useful in managing evacuations, and post-landfall, to route assets to areas where they were needed most.

“Rhodium was key to planning and managing our response to Hurricane Florence,” said Captain Mark Arnold of the Mount Pleasant Police Department which utilized Rhodium’s enhanced ICS forms and mapping features extensively during the storm.

Users also highlighted Rhodium’s ability to streamline daily planning and coordination. The platform allows a digital copy of daily plans to be sent to all responding agencies by email. Not only does this save money on printing but ensures that the plan being viewed reflects the latest operational information. Rhodium also assisted agencies in logging and sharing fuel availability at area gas stations throughout the storm.

Rhodium continues to be utilized by public safety agencies in the southeastern United States in the ongoing recovery efforts from both Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.