Our newest client company, Singularity Networks, provides real-time visibility and analytics for business networks to quickly identify breaches in IT security. By placing Singularity Networks next to existing firewalls and other security measures, customers see who is using their network and are notified the second a breach occurs. Using a company and simple solution, Singularity Networks Elevations ™, harnesses the power of streaming analytics (and an infinite number of drill downs into the data) to help companies build safer networks, mitigate risk and reduce exposure.

Their flagship product, Elevation ™, is now available as a multi-tenant Managed Service Provider (MSP) platform. This allows businesses of all sizes to quickly solve data risk problems and fully-integrate a customized solution to keep their networks (and their customer data) safe.

“The average time a hacker is inside a network is over four months before they act,” stated Singularity Networks CEO and founder, Dave Mitchell. “During this time, they are siphoning data, manipulating systems, and lurking around while the company isn’t aware. When companies can clearly see what’s happening inside their networks, they can take action and keep customer information secure.”

Elevation ™ provides a complete network record so the security analyst can quickly visualize your network traffic, identify abnormal behavior across your infrastructure, and respond quickly and accurately. Elevation ™ prevents exfiltration, one of the most common security risks, as recently seen in the Equifax nightmare.

The Singularity Networks Elevation™ MSP platform has successfully launched with several different clients. Elevation ™ offers new capabilities to their clients, including a security and visibility solution not previously available in the market, which integrates seamlessly into their existing solutions.

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www.prweb.com | September 27, 2017