Innosphere Ventures Announces the 2024 Cleantech Incubation Program

Innosphere Ventures announces the 8 startup and scaleup companies that have been selected to join the 2024 Innosphere Ventures Cleantech Incubator Program.

Innosphere Venture’s incubation program accelerates the success of high-impact startup companies. The program focuses on ensuring companies are investor-ready, connecting entrepreneurs with experienced advisors and early hires, making introductions to corporate partners, exit planning, and accelerating top-line revenue growth. Once accepted into the program, companies receive ongoing support to ensure they’re getting the know-how to raise the right kind of capital and all the resources to grow.

“Situated within the dynamic landscape of the Rocky Mountains Great Plains region, innovation in the Cleantech sector thrives. This expansive 15-state territory boasts world-class research universities, esteemed DOE National Labs, and an abundance of entrepreneurial talent, making it a fertile ground for pioneering Cleantech startups. Nonetheless, despite the wealth of resources, there exists a notable absence of cohesive support systems for emerging early-stage founders within the region,” explained Mike Freeman, CEO of Innosphere Ventures. “This is precisely where Innosphere Ventures can make a significant impact.”

The 2024 cohort includes: Otoro Energy, Danaher Cryogenics, CDR Biosolutions, Cargador Company, Integrated Electric Drives, Inc.(IE Drives), Fluent Renewables Inc., Thermofilic, Centroid Lab


Otoro Energy
Otoro Energy builds flow batteries that feature a revolutionary water-based chemistry for community, commercial, and utility projects.

Boulder, Colorado | Michael Marshak, Ph.D, CEO |

LinkedIn | Twitter/X | Facebook

Danaher Cryogenics
Danaher Cryogenics is commercializing a cryocooler invention developed by University of Colorado Boulder in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Also developing a line of research cryostats for physicists and experimentalists.

Boulder, Colorado | Charlie Danaher, CEO |, LinkedIn

CDR Biosolutions
CDR Biosolutions is developing durable soil carbon sequestration process through decomposition-resistant carbon compounds that can be synthesized by plants.

Fort Collins, CO | Richard Conant,Ph.D CEO | LinkedIn

Cargador Company
Cargador Company is an innovative electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) producer on a mission to strengthen communities and champion environmental change. Cargador addresses the need for efficient, reliable, and scalable EV charging solutions combined with versatile, source-agnostic energy storage.

Loveland, Colorado | Jaysen Lopez |

Integrated Electric Drives, Inc. (IE Drives)
IEdrives designs, builds and sells 1-speed and multi-speed transmissions for commercial electric trucks and buses.  IEdrives has a broad family of gearing solutions specifically designed for all truck chassis from the light Class 3 delivery truck to the heaviest of Class 8 working trucks.

Arvada, CO | Jeffrey Barber, CEO |, LinkedIn

Fluent Renewables Inc
Fluent Renewables is an innovative Cleantech company that has developed a hybrid biorefinery technology to transform organic waste management and energy production.

Broomfield, CO | Lucas Loetscher, CEO, |

Thermofilic is an AI-based prediction system that supports investment decisions in geothermal energy by using remote sensing data and other data types to scan large areas that produce accurate and targeted footprints of potential subsurface geothermal resources.

Arvada, CO | Sebnem Duzgun, CEO | LinkedIn

Centroid Lab
Centroid Lab is an independent engineering services and solutions company established in 2015, who solve wide-ranging industry specific problems that involve dynamic simulations, computational fluid dynamics and analysis, 3D modeling and visualization.

Los Angeles, CA | Ram Sampath, CEO |


About Innosphere Ventures:
Innosphere Ventures accelerates the success of founders building technology and science-based companies through its incubation programs, office and specialized wet laboratory facilities, and venture capital funds. Innosphere’s incubation program supports the commercialization efforts of entrepreneurs, technical founders and university researchers who are launching and scaling high-tech startups. Innosphere is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been supporting startups for 24 years.