Innovation After Hours: Lessons Learned from 3 Life Sciences Startups

On July 15th at 4 pm, Innosphere’s Innovation After Hours event will feature a conversation with Tanya Warnecke, President and Chief Technology Officer at ArtisanBio, a Boulder-based company that’s passionate about crafting cell engineering solutions to solve the most challenging problems in human health.
Tanya will discuss the key lessons she’s learned from THREE different life science startup companies that are all in very different fields, and describe the two key areas of impact and people. Attendees will learn how the impact you make in science, in the market, and ultimately the impact in the world are three very different beasts which should be treated as such. Our conversation includes a Q&A session, and a discussion on why people matter most since the relationships you make along the way turn out to be priceless.
Innosphere Ventures encourages anyone interested in science, startups, and entrepreneurship to register below and plan on attending!

Meet the Speaker

Tanya Warnecke is a serial Colorado life sciences entrepreneur. She is co-founder of ArtisanBio and Inscripta (previously Musebio), and was one of the first employees at OPXBIO. She brings a unique combination of skills including technical, operational and business leadership to her current role as President and CTO of ArtisanBio. Tanya has raised more than $100M in capital, and has driven multiple strategic deals with large pharmaceutical and chemical companies.
She is the inventor on 20+ patent filings across a range of applications including metabolic and genome engineering. She can claim to have given birth to a Unicorn, as Inscripta was valued at $1.5B after its last financing round. Tanya has a Ph.D in engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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