Jura Health Welcomed by Colorado Medicaid as an Approved Provider for Testing for Suspected Rare Diseases

Denver, CO — Jura Health, an Innosphere Ventures client company, committed to health equity for rare disease patients and their families, is pleased to announce that its offerings are now approved for payment by Medicaid in Colorado. This new coverage will enhance access to crucial health information for anyone suspected of having a rare disease.

Jura Health’s Emerge™ Platform provides whole genome sequencing (WGS), genetic counseling, and next step support; providing a personalized plan for individuals facing the complexities of rare genetic disorders. The average time to a diagnosis for a rare disease patient is 5 years. Jura Health aims to reduce that to 1 month. This Medicaid expansion ensures that more people in Colorado can access essential diagnostic and support services that can significantly improve their care journey.

“We are thrilled to have Medicaid approval in Colorado,” said Chris Moore, CEO of Jura Health. “This milestone is a first step toward our goal of making advanced genetic testing and counseling available across the country, especially to those in underserved communities. Early and accurate diagnosis can change the trajectory of a patient’s journey with a rare disease and now more families can benefit from our services without the burden of financial barriers.”

Whole genome sequencing is a powerful tool that can identify genetic mutations responsible for rare diseases, often leading to earlier diagnosis and targeted treatment plans. Jura Health’s Emerge Platform provides access to WGS, on-demand multilingual genetic counseling services and personalized next steps that provide patients and their families with critical information and emotional support, helping them navigate the complexities of a rare disease diagnosis. Additionally, Jura Health’s advocacy support assists patients and their families in connecting with resources, support networks, and treatment options.

The impact of rare diseases is profound, affecting approximately 30 million Americans. Nationally, Medicaid covers 43% of births and 17.8% of all Americans. Obtaining Medicaid approval in Colorado is a significant first step towards bridging the gap in healthcare disparities, offering hope and tangible support to those who need it most.

“Access to genetic testing and counseling should be a fundamental aspect of healthcare, not a privilege,” said Andrea Girman, MD, MPH, Head of Patient and Provider Advocacy at Jura Health. “This development is a game-changer for patients suspected of having a rare disease. It brings us closer to our vision of a healthcare system where every individual, regardless of their financial situation or where they live, can receive the care and support they deserve.”

For more information about Jura Health, please visit www.jura.health

About Jura Health:

Jura Health, a privately held Public Benefit Corporation, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with rare diseases through advanced genetic testing, comprehensive counseling, and unwavering advocacy support. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach, Jura Health strives to provide accessible and equitable healthcare solutions for all.  Jura Health is the first in the country  to offer a comprehensive platform addressing the overwhelming unmet need for diagnosis and on-going support currently experienced in the rare disease community.

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