Legal 101 for Entrepreneurs presented by Milgrom & Daskam

StartUp FoCo is officially here and we’re thrilled to bring you this presentation on how to legally protect your product

Many a new (or seasoned) entrepreneur has felt the enthusiasm of their awesome business idea dwindle to nothing more than a headache after running into problems they don’t know how to address. As a startup law firm, Milgrom & Daskam is well acquainted with the myriad decisions, choices, pitfalls, and opportunities that each new hurdle can present.

With 12 lawyers specializing in areas including employment law, intellectual property and brand management, real estate law, and all types of business and corporate law, we have the expertise that can help new business owners navigate every step of the journey.

We are not your typical, stuffy, boring corporate law firm, though. Our team is enthusiastic enough about what we do that we can eliminate the fear and legalese people expect from a lawyer and share our wisdom and experience in a straight-forward and friendly way that will instill confidence.

By the end of this presentation you will learn: How to legally promote and protect their brand and product.

Presenters from Milgrom & Daskam include:
  • Nic Turiciano
  • Laura Marmulstein
  • Jon Milgrom
  • Alex Kimata


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