Innosphere client company, Maplewell Energy, Obtains Exclusive License to ARPA-e Grid Optimization Technology

Technology developed at NREL will enable management of up to 1 million energy devices

Lafayette, CO— April 20, 2022 — Maplewell Energy is securing the exclusive license to OptGrid, a technology developed under the Network Optimized Distributed Energy Systems (NODES) Program of the U.S. Department of Energy ARPA-e at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This technology will be incorporated into their product, JANiiT, to optimize the management of energy resources on the demand side, at the grid edge. With roots in power plant operation and energy systems control, Maplewell has developed an innovative distributed, edge computing architecture. JANiiT is built with innovations featuring machine learning models, digital twins, auditable carbon tracking, and multi-objective optimization.

“Maplewell is pleased to bring the OptGrid technology into our product – it will accelerate our vision of being the leader in demand response within the industrial sector,” said Matt Irvin, CEO and Co-founder of Maplewell.

Maplewell Energy will be deploying this technology on industrial infrastructure, including oil & gas, military, government, maritime, manufacturing, warehouses, and fuel marketing, among others.

Millions of smart energy devices and renewable energy sources are springing up and altering the makeup of the grid. OptGrid can help manage this radical shift by optimizing power flow between devices and managing energy from the bottom up. OptGrid will empower JANiiT to serve as a “Distributed Energy Resource Manager” that can efficiently manage up to a million energy devices with real-time control, autonomous optimization, and flexible configuration. Maplewell’s CTO, Dr. Emiliano Dall’Anese, invented this technology to change how Distributed Energy Resources and controllable loads interact with the electrical grid.

“I am passionate about making our electrical infrastructure flexible, reliable, and clean by leveraging the latest advances in decentralized control,” said Dr. Dall’Anese. “Together with JANiiT, OptGrid has the potential to make real strides towards this goal.”