Opportunities for Accredited Investors:
Pitch Event with High-tech Startup Companies

In this Innosphere Ventures pitch event, investment-ready technology-based companies will present in a virtual format on Thursday, May 20th. 

Investors will meet the CEOs and hear from four companies currently raising capital, including: FieldLine Inc., Start Talking, EndoShape, Inc., and HiveTech Solutions.

This virtual pitch event is for accredited investors only to hear from impressive high-growth startups. Additional information on each presenting company, including the option to download executive summaries, can be found below.

We look forward to hosting you!

Innosphere Ventures’ Pitch Day for Accredited Investors
Thursday, May 20th, 2021 | Virtual Event | 4 company presentations beginning at 2:00pm
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EndoShape, Inc.

DescriptionEndoShape, Inc. develops minimally invasive embolization coils for vascular uses in the interventional radiology market that will substantially replace existing technology.

On the web: www.endoshape.com

CEO: Jim Kasic is a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the Class I, II, and III medical device industry. His career includes experience with companies ranging from large multi-national corporations to start-ups with a national and international scope. He holds more than 40 U.S. and international patents. He has served as the president and CEO of Sophono, Inc. a multinational manufacturer and distributor of implantable hearing devices, which was acquired by Medtronic. He also was the president of OrthoWin, acquired by Zimmer-BioMed, and is the founder and chairman of Boulder IQ.  Kasic is on the board of directors of the Colorado Bio Science Association and chairman of the University of Colorado Anschutz BioEngineering Constituency Committee and  received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and a Master of Science degree in chemical/biological engineering from the University of Colorado, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.

Intellectual Property: EndoShape has 8 granted patents and 4 patents pending.

Industries: Medical Device

Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Executive Summary: Accredited investors may reference the registration link.

HiveTech Solutions
Climate Smart Technology for Healthy Honeybees

Description: HiveTech Solutions makes products that improve honeybee survival rates.

On the webhttps://www.hivetechsolutions.com/

CEO and Co-founder: Kimberly Drennan is an architect specializing in environmental design.

Industries: Agribusiness, Electronics, Beekeeping, Climate Controlled Containers

Headquarters: Westminster, Colorado

Executive Summary: Accredited investors may reference the registration link.

Start Talking
Counseling at your Convenience 

Description: Start Talking makes it easier and more accessible for patients to get behavioral health therapy by using a video platform for teletherapy. Start Talking’s qualified mental health specialists are available through the camera of your smartphone, tablet or computer. So, whether you’re in your car, at work, or at home, your therapist is just a click of a button away. 

Start Talking is a HIPPA compliant and encrypted video platform that allows patients the opportunity to do online counseling/therapy with their therapist. This online therapy offers patients the ability to connect with licensed professional therapists in a discrete privately secure session from the convenience of their home. 

On the web: www.StartTalking.io

CEO and Founder: Mark Nolte has worked in the healthcare field for over 30 years working for the companies of Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and his own company Mark Medical Inc.

Industries: Healthcare IT

Headquarters: Denver, CO

Executive Summary: Accredited investors may reference the registration link.

FieldLine, Inc.
Shaping the future of neuroscience and mental health

Description: FieldLine has developed a new brain imaging system that can significantly impact how we diagnose and treat neurological and mental disorders. Based on our state-of-the-art quantum sensors, FieldLine’s HEDscan system is a wearable magnetoencephalography (MEG) device capable of detecting neural activity directly and in real-time for high-resolution functional imaging. It can fit subjects ranging from infants to adults and accommodate movement during recording without loss in signal fidelity. The HEDscan platform is designed to be scalable and can be tailored to different applications. It can be placed in any room of any medical facility without the need for expensive building modifications as required by existing MEG systems. Our novel HEDscan device can considerably expand the use of MEG in the research and clinical markets and can be used broadly in support of mental health.

On the webwww.fieldlineinc.com/

Co-Founder: Orang Alem is a co-founder of FieldLine Inc. He started his career as an experimental physicist specializing in quantum sensors and atomic magnetometry. For the past 7 years, he has worked to commercialize this technology for biomedical applications, first as stand alone sensors at a previous start-up, and now at FieldLine as a turn-key brain imaging device.

Industries: MedTech, Biomedical Imaging, Research

Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado

Executive Summary: Accredited investors may reference the registration link.