Colorado’s leading incubator for science and technology companies is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization Why do companies around the world compete for the next big idea? Because innovation drives the global economy! The spark from a new product can transform an entire industry, launching businesses and creating jobs in its wake. Here at Innosphere, we support entrepreneurs as they get these ventures off the ground, we’re an engine for economic opportunity, and we’re a catalyst for progress. We’re seeking individuals looking to contribute to Colorado venture philanthropy with a year-end gift that will directly support the growth of our region’s economic impact.


Because Innosphere is a long-standing organization, creating consistent and long-term economic impact For 21 years, we’ve been working with donors and sponsors passionate about growing Colorado’s startup and scaleup ecosystem. We know that our program dramatically improves entrepreneurs’ probability of success, and every year we support dozens of innovation-based technology startups and scaleups that create hundreds of jobs and millions in revenue.

Innosphere’s 6-year track record includes these economic impact metrics:


There are many tax benefits of your 2019 donation, and here’s how it works: Assuming the 35% federal tax rate, a $100,000 gift to Innosphere’s organization could provide you with $54,772 in tax savings. A gift of $100,000 costs $45,278 after all credits and deductions are applied. Additionally, many individuals are able to offset their capital gains taxes with their Innosphere donation. Please consult your tax advisor to determine how your donation will impact your personal tax situation.

OUR REGION’S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE… is fueled by your support.

We welcome partners who wish to enable game-changing technologies, who want to do their part in helping entrepreneurs tackle critical challenges, and who want to support the creation of technology-related jobs!

Join us! Innosphere is seeking values-aligned donors in order to improve our local technology GDP growth and to support a new Scaleup Program designed to propel scaleup companies to the middle market.

Please contact Innosphere CEO, Mike Freeman, at 970.818.7736 or [email protected]