The University of Arkansas Police Department utilized the Rhodium Incident Management Suite to coordinate the successful recall of roughly 100 students, staff, and faculty working and studying in Italy. Italy remains one of the highest risk countries in the world for the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The University of Arkansas has worked diligently for the past several weeks to contact all students, staff, and faculty at its campus in Rome and assist them in arranging travel back to the United States.

Officials leveraged Rhodium’s cloud-based Incident Action Plan (IAP) to manage the effort. Names, contact information, current residence, and travel arrangements for each person were added to the IAP. This made it possible for the department, the university’s global studies office, and study abroad programs to quickly update information and travel status as recall efforts progressed.

“It would be extremely difficult to manage this workflow on paper,” said Captain Matt Mills of the University of Arkansas Police Department. “We had a large committee working on this effort and so the ability to consolidate information into one system and push out updates to everyone when needed was very helpful.”

This event is one of many for which the University of Arkansas Police Department has used the Rhodium Incident Management Suite. Planning and incident management for all special events on campus including football, basketball, and baseball games is done with Rhodium. The solution is also used during the Walmart shareholders meeting which is held on campus each summer.