SoftRay, Inc.

Biodetection, when time is of the essence.

Take a look at our newest client company, SoftRay! Their mission is to enable the reduction of infectious disease by rapid detection of bacteria and fungi in blood and blood products, improving patient welfare and lowering hospital costs.

There is a widely recognized need for a low-cost, sensitive system capable of real-time detection of bacteria in human platelet donations for transfusion. Current culture-based methods are inherently insensitive, taking ~48 hours to produce a result. Owing to the short shelf life of platelets, 5 to 7 days, platelet units are sometimes transfused while samples of those units are still being tested. Hospitals pay a financial penalty for any infection resulting from infected product. SoftRay has tested a low-cost solution for the detection of bacteria in platelets, at the Blood Bank or in the hospital immediately before transfusion, reducing patient infections and resulting hospital costs. This patented method is rapid (<30m/test) and ~10x more sensitive than the main competitor. We call this the LightSpeed Biodetection System, or LBS.

Check out this video of SoftRay’s Fountain Flow technology measuring bacterial contamination of platelet samples with unprecedented sensitivity:

Industry: Bioscience | Fort Collins, CO | Dr. Paul E. Johnson, CEO