Spark Ionx and Avivid Water Technology Enter into MOU for Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment System


Denver, CO – Spark Ionx, an advanced ion exchange membrane technology company, has announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding ( MOU ) agreement with Avivid Water Technology to pursue a technical collaboration for the development of a water treatment system that utilizes electrocoagulation and electrodialysis desalination.
Avivid Water Technology, a sustainable water treatment company that reclaims water for reuse or release from heavily contaminated industrial wastewater, uses a patented electrocoagulation reactor capable of treating many different water types, including produced water from oil and gas operations, at high volume and efficiency.
“As Spark Ionx develops its ion exchange membrane technology, one significant hurdle is proving the technology works in real-world applications. Electrodialysis desalination is a mature technology that has been held back by the lack of a high-performing anion exchange membrane (AEM). With our first product, TuffBrane™ AEM, we aim to improve desalination efficiency beyond reverse osmosis, and we intend to disrupt the industry enough to make the water treatment industry take another look at electrodialysis. Avivid has an excellent treatment system perfectly positioned for tough-to-treat high salinity water sources like oil and gas produced water. We believe this partnership can build a system that turns heads,” said Sean Daniel, CEO and Founder of Spark Ionx.
“While we’ve treated many different water samples, the goal is always the same: to treat water like the valuable resource it is, and not a waste product,” said Avivid’s VP of Business Operations, Tracy Kessner. “The final step in water recovery is to ensure it’s ready for reuse, so cost-effective desalination has been an industry goal for a long time. The Permian basin produces 5-25 million barrels of water per day. Imagine the positive impact it would have on ranchers, farmers, local communities, and the environment to make that volume of clean water available for reuse.”
This cutting-edge integrated system aims to challenge traditional treatment methods and deliver a commercially viable solution to strategic partners, setting a new standard in the industry. The MOU outlines the timeline for collaboration and design, as well as terms and objectives.
About Spark Ionx
Spark Ionx Inc., a Colorado corporation, was founded in 2020 with the mission to commercialize technologies that will advance the energy landscape. Spark’s first product is TuffBrane™ AEM, a patented Anion Exchange Membrane with high conductivity and durability, for use in electrolyzers, fuel cells, electrodialysis desalination, and redox flow batteries. Spark’s lab and headquarters are based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please contact Sean Daniel, CEO, at [email protected] or visit
About Avivid Water Technology
Avivid Water Technology is a sustainable water treatment company that reclaims water for reuse or release from heavily contaminated industrial wastewater with its patented technologies. Avivid’s first product is TurboCoag®, a triple patented electrocoagulation reactor that is self-cleaning, easy to maintain, and effective on a wide variety of industrial water. Avivid’s lab and headquarters are based in Longmont, Colorado. To learn more, please contact Tracy Kessner, VP, at [email protected] or visit