SunTech co-founder and CTO joins Board

Boulder, Colorado –SunTech Drive LLC., an innovative solar power electronics company headquartered in Boulder, announces that as part of their rapid growth plan, the company has appointed its CTO and co-founder, Dr. Nikola Milivojevic to its Board of Directors.

“I am excited to join SunTech’s Board as we move to our next phase of growth,” said Nikola Milivojevic. “We started SunTech six years ago in my basement and it is personally gratifying to see our growth.”

SunTech Drive is a current Innosphere Client Company and participates in the incubator’s recently launched Scaleup Program for high-growth companies.

Milivojevic along with his co-founders started SunTech in 2013.  Prior to founding SunTech, Milivojevic was VP Engineering at Bright Energy, Director of Engineering at Southwest Wind Power and founder of MagDrive.  In 2005, Milivojevic was named among the top 100 Serbians in technology.

SunTech Drive produces intelligent power electronics that enable edge-of-the-grid AC loads to be effectively powered by solar. SunTech Drive’s products use real-time blending of solar and AC grid power, along with variable speed technology, to eliminate peak demand charges to the consumer and to offset grid power consumption using solar energy. Through adaptive firmware, SunTech Drive is developing a utility-friendly communication network of power controllers to efficiently regulate load operation.

For more information on SunTech Drive, contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeff Lints at [email protected] or (877) 230-7501.



About SunTech Drive

SunTech Drive bridges the most efficient off-grid nanogrid controllers on the market with Energy IoT.  The patent pending designs represent a dramatic departure from the large and costly legacy controllers of the past.  The company replaces legacy electromagnetic cores and windings with high-speed digital switching silicon and adaptive firmware. This results in controllers that are an order of magnitude smaller and lighter, and allows for incorporating multiple system components into one integrated controller.


About Innosphere

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