FORT COLLINS — toxnot, creator of the world’s first simple and secure chemical hazard reporting dashboard, announced it won the Top Product of the Year Award by the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards.

The Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards is an international program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits, or in projects implemented by companies that improved environmental or energy management and increased the bottom line.

toxnot was created by founders Bill Hoffman and Pete Girard.

“We are delighted to be recognized for such a prestigious award,” said Girard, “Our vision when we started toxnot was to help others build better products and eliminate the harmful chemicals that pervade our supply chains.

“We could not be more excited to see toxnot’s fast growth as more and more supply chain leaders see the power of this tool to create actual change.”

toxnot said it offers free chemical hazard data that lets anyone search tens of thousands of specific chemicals. The company said their intuitive chemical hazard management software is designed to mirror the product manufacturing and reporting process, which is a game changer for anyone looking to build smarter, cleaner products.

toxnot’s secure chemical hazard dashboard streamlines complex reporting and data management, which increases the innovation curve for product designers and supply chain managers.

toxnot said it bundles together a host of essential tools to make the chemical hazard management process both scalable and affordable.

The company said the ability to automatically generate unlimited reports, and reach into supply chains like never before is a boon for anyone seeking to create HPDs, meet LEEDv4 requirements, preview Declare Labels, comply with various MRSLs, and participate in the highly lucrative preferred supplier programs like those at Apple, Walmart or Target.

Scores were determined by a panel of independent judges headed by Peter Bussey of LNS Research and also including judges from Advanced Micro Devices, ATT, Best Buy, C&A, Caesars, Cox Enterprises, Fetzer Vineyards, General Motors, Harbec, Kellogg, LNS Research, Marriott, MillerCoors, Newell Brands, Novartis, Oldcastle Inc., Panasonic, Parker Hannifin, Paul Leavoy/Consultant, Safeway, Sears Holdings Corporation, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Strategic Sustainable Consulting, Tyco Global Products, Wellborn Cabinet, and Zee Company/Member of the Vincit Group.

With rapid advancements and a continuous rate of change in the field, sustainability and energy professionals have a difficult time knowing what products to choose to help their companies increase energy, environmental and sustainability performance.

toxnot said the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards give companies a solid base of products, vetted by experts, from which to choose, as well as a variety of successful projects to illustrate how sustainability and energy management is helping companies improve.

“With a highly respected (and critical) judging panel and a strict set of judging criteria, entrants faced an extremely high bar for the level of product or project to qualify for an award,” said Tim Hermes, publisher of Environmental Leader parent company, Business Sector Media.

“Those who entered needed to bring their A-game to get even a sniff of award-nirvana. And they delivered.”

article courtesy of InnovatioNews


About toxnot

toxnot is a free, open platform for chemicals management and hazard assessment.  toxnot allows brands, customers and suppliers to collaborate on chemicals transparency both through an open exchange of data and by crowdfunding new chemical assessments.  toxnot also provides a robust commercial toolset that allows companies to apply chemicals hazard assessment in their products and chemical inventories as well as providing support for reporting and compliance initiatives. toxnot PBC is a registered public benefit corporation with the specific goal of providing a materially positive impact on the management of chemicals and materials in order to further environmental sustainability.