Colorado Venture Ecosystem Review

Venture Capital Trends, Economic Recovery, and what it Means for Colorado Startups

Just released: Venture Capital report from Innosphere Ventures and PitchBook

We recently partnered with PitchBook to publish this report, Colorado Venture Ecosystem Review” that covers key trends that shaped Colorado’s venture ecosystem, highlights investment trends across investor location, and takes a closer look at exits, fundraising and more.

We know Colorado’s economic performance stood out over the past decade as few states between the coats performed well – and a key driver of this performance was growth in early-stage companies. However, we also know that other areas need improvement – such as more local capital needing to be focused on Colorado startups. Innosphere Ventures’ contribution to economic recovery will be to expand our commercialization program and improve access to capital through the formation of a second seed-stage venture fund for science and technology companies.

Denver Business Journal article:

Colorado Inno article:

Innosphere Fund

Colorado's Seed-Stage Venture Capital Fund

Accelerating the path to a successful exit
The Innosphere Fund is a seed-stage venture capital fund. Formed to accelerate the growth and exit of Innosphere’s client companies, the Fund seeks to lead seed-stage investment rounds in companies with motivated founders that are likely to achieve a near-term exit through a corporate acquisition.

Innosphere Ventures accelerates the success of science and technology-based startups and emerging companies with a commercialization program, and operates a seed stage venture capital fund. Innosphere’s program focuses on ensuring companies are investor-ready, and connects founders with talent, partners and all the resources to scale. Innosphere has been supporting startups for 22 years and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a strong mission to create jobs and grow Colorado’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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