Strength of Women in Business Panel: Practical Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

StartUp FoCo is officially here and we’re thrilled to bring you this presentation from entrepreneurs and business owners 

By the end of this session, female entrepreneurs and business owners will have a toolbox of practical advice after hearing from successful, inspirational women who have been there. Everything from marketing and branding to work/life balance.

This panel will touch on a broad spectrum of topics specific to women in business from the perspective of successful women business owners and entrepreneurs from a broad spectrum of fields. We will explore the unique challenges as well as opportunities women encounter in a business world typically dominated by men, and offer practical steps, tools, and advice for female entrepreneurs to build confidence and be successful in their business – and in life.


  1. Jill Brito – Journey Online Tutoring –
  2. Emily Altman – The Couples Workshop –
  3. Jennifer Vancil – Communicating Strengths LLC –
  4. Miriam Altman – Natural Selection Products


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