VisibleHand, co-founded by Matt Morris and Dr. Harvey Morris in 2014, has developed a behavioral health decision support system for long-term care facilities. Since its launch, VisibleHand has been implemented into four facilities with three being added just in the last two months.

Prior to starting the company, the Morris’ both worked in long-term care and were able to identify the challenges faced by caregivers in this field. CEO, Matt Morris, noted clinical staff would get frustrated because the data collected on residents (emotional states and behaviors) was minimal and unreliable—preventing staff from making an effective change. This is partly a result of the structure of care in nursing homes where Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) have the most contact with residents, yet in most cases, they lack direct communication with clinical care providers.

This challenge, coupled with government initiatives focused on value-based behavioral healthcare and compliance penalties, inspired VisibleHand to create a platform that would improve interventions and outcomes for patients.

So what’s the product?!

The software platform is called iris, intelligent resident interaction system. Resident-centered information is collected and analyzed real-time, on secure mobile devices, which allows care staff to respond appropriately and proactively to resident behavioral needs. “What’s unique about our platform though, is that it not only focuses on the resident, but also the interaction of the staff and the resident. Facility administrators are then able to identify the care giving staff who would benefit from targeted behavioral health training,” stated Matt Morris.








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Loved by users

Marketing for VisibleHand has all been by word of mouth between facilities. The feedback is comprised of its ease of use and installation, as well as improvement in behavioral training methods.

“Easiest install ever!” – Administrator

“No offense to the work you’ve done, but the system is so simple to use we almost wouldn’t need training.” – Social Worker

“I never used the behavior book — it’s not accessible at all. This is so much easier to use – you have it everywhere!” – Nurse

“This is way easier than what we were doing before. I really like it.” – CNA

Future Projections

The demand from new customers is increasing rapidly; ten additional facilities have committed to using iris and will be on-boarded over the next few months. VisibleHand recently became a client at Innosphere to which Morris noted, “The timing could not be any better. The Innosphere staff has been an integral part in learning how to scale up quickly and plan for the future. My liaison, Alan Curtis, has an knack for advising us on the exact challenges we are going to face a week or two before the come up.” 

VisibleHand is based out of Denver and currently has 14 team members. In response to a rapid increase in customer demand they are looking to hire an account executive who has experience in long-term or acute care.