A Voice to Represent Behavioral Needs of Coloradans

[DENVER, CO, July 1st, 2019—] Dr. Lacey Berumen, PhD, has been appointed by Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Department of Human Services to participate in the Behavioral Health Task Force and serve on the Long-Term Competency subcommittee. This committee strives to develop recommendations that align with the Colorado Department of Human Services and ensure that all Coloradans experiencing behavioral health needs are able to obtain an education, find and keep housing, acquire job skills, find and keep gainful employment, raise a family, stay of the criminal justice system and live productive, happy lives. Participating in this subcommittee is a great honor and commitment that Dr. Berumen is proud to be invited to and a part of.

Dr. Berumen, PhD, LAC, MNM, ADS, is the Director of Behavioral Science for TRACKtech, LLC., an offender tracking and rehabilitation company, and an Adjunct Faculty member at The University of Phoenix-College of Social Sciences. She is a passionate researcher and therapist.

TRACKtech, LLC is an Innosphere Client Company. Innosphere is Colorado’s leading incubator that accelerates the success of science and tech companies.

Dr. Berumen has had an extensive career in behavioral health, spanning 25 years, both nationally and internationally. She recently completed serving six years as a National Board Member for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She has held previous appointments to the Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council; The Behavioral Health Transformation Council, Civil Commitment Taskforce; Colorado Commission on Juvenile Justice Committee; Colorado Medicaid Advisory Council. Dr. Berumen has completed numerous presentations and publications and her master’s research focused on Recidivism within the Colorado Department of Corrections. Her doctoral research focused on Health Literacy and Medical Decision Making.

TRACKtech has created a comprehensive platform offering whole-person rehabilitation and monitoring services by way of a mobile phone or mobile app. The program fosters officer/program member collaboration by understanding and monitoring risks, needs and responsivity. The platform, which includes a broad spectrum of data and workflow automation, enables officers and agencies to implement individualized and responsive case plans, connecting supervised individuals to prosocial, community-based resources, meeting criminogenic needs and reducing the likelihood of recidivism.

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