COLORADO – Innosphere is currently working with five Canadian startup businesses that are commercializing sustainable technologies that address energy, environmental, and resource constraints as a part of Innosphere’s relationship with the Canadian Consulate General in Denver’s Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA). CTA was launched in 2009 in Silicon Valley and has since expanded to New York City, Boston, and most recently Denver with Innosphere’s support to Cleantech startups.


“Innosphere is proud to be a supporter of the Canadian Technology Accelerator for Sustainable Technology,” said Rob Writz, Innosphere energy and advanced materials director. “This program helps Innosphere highlight Colorado as a leader in the Cleantech industry and allows us to build our network of investors and corporate strategics to help all our client companies.”

The CTA in Denver works in partnership with Innosphere and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to connect Canadian businesses to unique resources and contacts needed to accelerate growth. “This partnership allows Innosphere to continue to build the state’s Cleantech startup brand,” said Writz.

The program between Innosphere and CTA is not new, as these five companies represent the fourth cohort of Canadian Cleantech small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that Innosphere has supported. This current group began in summer of 2015 and will conclude after two major investor events in November– the CTA Day of Acceleration and the NREL Industry Growth Forum.

The CTA Day of Acceleration will provide these companies with the opportunity to present in front of venture capital executives, investors and corporations at The Commons on Champa in Denver on November 2, the day prior to the NREL Industry Growth Forum (IGF). NREL’s IGF is one of the longest running Cleantech startup events in the industry, taking place November 3 – 4, 2015 in Denver, CO. The two-day conference will feature presentations by 30 emerging clean technology startup companies, panel discussions and breakout sessions led by industry experts, and organized networking opportunities with leading investment firms and corporate partners.

The 2015 CTA cohort features the following five emerging Cleantech companies:

Canadian Energy

Canadian Energy is a vertically integrated battery, energy storage, and renewable energy distributor in Canada. We are a national distributor with 20+ warehouse locations spanning coast to coast with over 10+ B2B customers.

Our CUB unit is designed to off set diesel genset, provide community micro grid power, as well as ability to perform peak load shaving for commercial and industrial clients. We design and manufacture the unit using proven and existing technology. One key advantages on our CUB is 48V battery bank, which makes it easier and safer to service than 1000VDC output. It is also scalable to meet specific power and energy storage requirement as per applications.

Canadian Energy is seeking to connect with potential USA customers and resellers for the CUB product in mining, telecom backup, and peak load shaving applications.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) sequesters CO2 emissions in a stable, solid form that could be sold to the market at profit. The company’s IP-protected process uses waste CO2 and cheap carbon to create nanoplatelets that can be used to reinforce construction materials & asphalt, increase conductivity of plastics, and enhance coatings.

CUT won $500K in the CCEMC’s Grand Challenge, selected from over 340 applicants worldwide and has since established relationships with Suncor, Hitachi Chemicals, etc. CUT technical and financial partners will develop a facility with 10 ton/yr production capacity by Dec. 2016 and generate sustainable revenue by mid-2017.

CUT is seeking to connect with pilot/demonstration partners in the easy-mix concrete, plastics, coatings, and building materials industries.

Hydra Energy

Hydra Energy Corporation is an emerging Vancouver, B.C. energy company pioneering the provisioning of transportation solutions that significantly reduce fuel cost OpEx and emissions of fleet operators of cars (taxi and corporate operators) and trucks (local and long haul transport).

Using turnkey, no-up-front-cost conversion and installation services for commercial fleet cars and trucks to run dual-fuel with hydrogen, Hydra can displace gasoline supply gallon-for-gallon at a 20%+ discount to market on a fixed cost basis, eliminating fuel supply cost volatility while dropping carbon based emissions to zero.

Hydra Energy has three pilot projects in place in British Columbia. Learn more about Hydrogen-as-a-Service at the company’s website.

MSR Innovations

MSR is an innovator in the rapidly expanding residential solar energy market. We have developed a revolutionary new, patented, roofing system, SOLTRAK™ that allows homebuilders and homeowners to incorporate photovoltaic (PV) solar cells directly into the construction of a roof resulting in lower hard and soft costs, unparalleled flexibility and better aesthetics. By reducing the up-front capital cost and solving the appearance problem, SOLTRAK lowers the biggest barriers to residential adoption of PV solar technology. We have completed early development, and installed several demonstration roofs that are generating electricity reliably today. We are now preparing to launch our product commercially.

MSR Innovations is seeking USA demonstration partners to display SOLTRAK roofs on new build homes, pre fabricated homes, and commercial buildings.

Sunpump Solar

The SunPump has the advantages of renewable solar energy without the inherent issues; high cost and intermittent performance. It is the first solar heating system that can operate day and night, and since it costs the same as a traditional heating system to install, it provides immediate and significant return to a builder. NREL studies show solar homes sell 17% faster and for 15% higher than basic homes. Simply by installing a SunPump as the primary heating system, a builder can increase value for no extra incremental cost.

Sunpump Solar is seeking strategic channel partners to access or resell Sunpump in California and Colorado’s solar heating and hot water markets, and thin film solar producers to supply product for the SunPump.

For more information contact Innosphere Director of Energy and Advanced Materials, Rob Writz, at [email protected] or 970.221.1301.


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