Innosphere Ventures Hires Cynthia Hougum as Client Director for Life Sciences Program

Innosphere Ventures, Colorado’s premier technology incubator, proudly announces Cynthia Hougum as its new Client Director for the Life Sciences Program. 

With over 25 years of experience in Life Sciences and related industries, Cynthia brings a proven track record of success to her role. Her career spans 15 years in Life Sciences directly, followed by a decade in medical devices and software. Cynthia’s leadership has driven significant revenue growth and operational improvements, notably at Cytiva Life Sciences. 

Cynthia’s standout achievements include pioneering a product for the India protein separation market, fostering cross-continental collaboration, and integrating digital health solutions into healthcare systems. 

Motivated by a passion for innovation, Cynthia joins Innosphere to leverage her expertise in business optimization and bring transformative technologies to market. She envisions her role as a coach, providing guidance and expertise to startups in the Life Sciences Incubation Program. 

“Cynthia embodies the visionary spirit and expertise that are the cornerstones of our program’s ambitions. With her impressive history of fostering growth and innovation, she will help us elevate our Life Sciences Program. Her deep-seated passion for performance, creativity, and curiosity, are a beacon that will guide our clients to opportunity and discovery. I’m excited for the great potential that Cynthia will help us explore, as we unlock unprecedented possibilities for our Founders,” said Kevin Noble, Innosphere’s Life Science Program Director.  

Innosphere is poised for even greater impact with its recent success in securing a $2 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to advance life sciences innovation across a six-state region. In partnership with bioscience trade associations and universities, this grant will partially fund the Regional Life Sciences Incubator over the course of three years, accelerating high-quality job growth, creating economic opportunity, and supporting the next generation of industry-leading companies in the life sciences sector. 

“The U.S. EDA award signifies a critical investment in the future of life sciences innovation,” said Angela Martinez, Director of EDA’s Denver Regional Office. “This investment will help further the Regional Life Sciences Incubator by harnessing the strengths of research universities across six states to fuel transformative innovation, grow regional economies, and create high-value jobs.” 

In Colorado’s vibrant life sciences landscape, Cynthia sees immense potential fueled by robust networking opportunities and collaborations between industry and academia. 

Innosphere stands out for its comprehensive support network and rigorous vetting process, ensuring alignment between startups and the incubator. Cynthia is excited to witness the impact of startups’ innovations and support their journey to success. 

Cynthia Hougum joining the Innosphere team demonstrates Innosphere’s dedication to advancing innovation and nurturing entrepreneurial growth within the Life Sciences sector.